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Quick links:
Genna's CPU collection of old processors and co-processors starting from Intel 4004 (1971) to the latest released AMD/Intel microprocessors.
Second big project - motherboard database with CPU support information. Currently the database includes data on more than 7000 motherboards.
Genna's scripts and online tools. Currently included are mortgage calculator tool, several GPL-ed javascript functions, and some other tools.
RC5 project and Genna's personal RC5 statistics.(outdated)
Yelena's page (former modern-art-studio website).
Genna's and Yelena's combined project - Art-3000.com free online art gallery.
The latest Kesh's project - Dumb Games. The website is currently offline. The content will be eventually moved to shvets.com.
Genna's small side project - tool for converting text to lowercase, uppercase, which can also sort text, strip spaces and HTML code, and remove lines, matching certain pattern.
Genna's recent project - Database of notebooks, netbooks and other mobile devices. It was started in March 2011, and currently contains only Acer notebooks.
GPUZoo - graphics card database is the latest Genna's project. The site went online in August 2012, and includes specifications of more than 1000 modern graphics cards.



January 3, 2017 - Removed dumb-games and modern-art-studio websites, their content will be added to the shvets.com.

August 19, 2012 - Added link to GPUZoo website.

March 29, 2011 - Miniputer website added.

19 Dec 2008 - Added link to U-Convert website.

23 Nov 2008 - Added link to Dumb Games website.

4 Apr 2007 - Added link to Art-3000 online art gallery.

4 Mar 2007 - Added link to new project - cpu-upgrade.com.

3 Dec 2004 - Yelena's new site is online.

8 Oct 2004 - Added a link to my collection of scripts.

22 Feb 2003 - Replaced old information on front page with "Quick links".

23 Jun 2002 - Added RC5 page to Genna's pages.

20 Apr 2002 - Genna's CPU collection is online.